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Upper Kindergarten

The curriculum for the kindergarten classes has been structured to foster the development of lifetime cognitive skills. We encourage our children to become accomplished readers and writers, skilled in mathematics and practiced in the arts of observation, creative thinking, and problem solving.

  • Outdoor play is essential. This is an age where much learning is transmitted through the large muscles.
  • Learning goes from the hand to the head, not the other way around.
  • Teachers need to focus on observing and redirecting behavior and asking questions that lead children toward the next level of cognitive exploration and understanding.

Start your Key stage of education with Avinya international school:

Learning in a kindergarten school is the imperative stage of every child’s life. Practically the real education begins from this stage. This stage helps every child to develop social skills along with their emotional development. Hence this stage acts as a key to the upcoming stages of children in their life. Knowing this truth parents lookout for the best possible upper kindergarten schools near to them. This is where we come into the picture. Being one of the top-rated upper kindergarten schools in Bangalore, Avinya stands tall among others.

Motor skills development:

The children develop their motor skills during their upper Kindergarten stage. Using hands and body muscles goes in tandem along with other skills such as reading and writing. Every child needs to find the right balance to use their hands and legs to do different activities such as sitting, crawling, running, jumping, throwing, and climbing chairs. At Sarvajnya, we encourage and help the children to do all these activities regularly. These activities bring in a new confidence in the children as they start to do every activity at ease quite soon. As a consequence parents in Bengaluru choose Avinya upper kindergarten school as their first choice.

Cognitive skills development programs at Avinya upper kindergarten school:

During this stage, we help the children to stimulate their brain cells so that they can learn and use their cognitive skills. Thinking, reasoning, relating, and remembering are a few of the important cognitive skills that a child has to develop during their upper kindergarten school stage. Apart from this, outdoor playing and using different playthings correctly becomes a necessary skill that every child has to learn. Avinya upper kindergarten school accommodates a vast infrastructure, both indoor and outdoor, and motivates all the children to actively get involved in different day-to-day activities that develop their cognitive and motor skills quickly. The cognitive skills that the children have developed at Avinya act as a basement and stay for a lifetime.

Aside from the motor and cognitive skills, it is paramount to learn mathematical skills such as adding, subtracting, counting, and so on. During this stage, we initiate our highly professionalized curriculum that enables every child to learn these skills at ease.

Facilities at Sravajna upper kindergarten school:

Being one of the best upper kindergarten schools in Bengaluru, we have invested in all the tools and equipment that our upper kindergarten children need. Our inventory contains all sports equipment, arts-related tools, and learning materials. Since playing is a part of early learning, Avinya upper kindergarten school encourages all children to actively participate in games that are not just limited to indoor. We motivate all the children to participate actively in dancing, and activities that need creative movements. We encourage the kids to participate in dramas that we regularly conduct.

Why choose The Avinya upper kindergarten School?

Having given the best education for children for long years, Avinya upper kindergarten school is well versed with all the aspects of early-stage learning. Our main motto is to induce early education with fun-filled activities that every child loves. Being an integral part of our education system, we nurture the children according to their needs and necessities. Our constant vigilance and observation help us to understand the skills and talents of all children quite early. Accordingly, we persuade every individual child to go with the learning process that they feel confident and comfortable. This makes learning easy and fun. This simply defines that Avinya is one of the best upper kindergarten schools in Bengaluru.

Time to enroll your kid in Avinya upper kindergarten school

Noting our success in the early education industry and our methodology of delivering the same, many have termed us as one of the best upper kindergarten schools. At Avinya international school, we believe in more than just education. Our mission is to provide an early platform for the kids to explore the world in their way and walk towards a bright future.

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