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Children aged between 3 to 6 belong to our pre-school programme which ideally integrates academic materials plus creative and thematic concepts to make the foundation stronger for each child’s future success in life; the stronger the start, the greater the finish.

Play Schools in Bangalore:

It is roughly estimated that there are more than 1000+ play schools are registered in Bangalore itself. So not only enrolling your kid is tedious but also selecting the best Pre-school to your kid is also one of the most challenging now a days.

Play Schools nearby me/best play school in Bangalore

We are located in Mallatahalli, around the vicinity of Bangalore university Jnana Bharathi Campus- Mysore road, Kengeri. And there are approximately 30+ Play schools in and around this area. We are among them.

Facilities at Avinya Pre School

  • Natural, spacious premises
  • Secure premises monitored by CCTV Cameras
  • RO+UV+TDS treated drinking water
  • Hygienic environment
  • Child-friendly toilets
  • Day care
  • Transport vehicle

Why to chose Avinya school?

A playschool is meant for kids under the age of 5 and is primarily aimed at providing quality education for kindergarten kids. We adhere to give best quality of education to the kids who enroll in our premises. Besides our school is located in quiet and safe area which is considered as an ideal location for a pre school is also added to our advantage.

Play school fees in Bangalore

Times have changed. Even in India grandparents want to spend their time as they like and they have their retired life alL planned. it does not always include taking care of energetic pre-schoolers. that is why most of us end up sending kids to Pre-school. hence it is expensive. In a metropolitian cities like Bangalore, usually the fee ranges from 80 Thousand to 1 lakhs depending upon the brand and facilities they provide. We charge (Mention exact school fees as they’ve mentioned)

Different types of play school activities

  • Art & Craft
  • Theme based Story Telling
  • Real time activities
  • Real time Rhymes
  • Festival celebration
  • Dance, Music
  • Drawing & Painting
  • Indoor Games
  • Exercises of Practical Life
  • Sensorial
  • Language
  • Mathematics
The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you’ll go

Give the best possible Gift to your Children:

Education is the best gift that parents can present to their children. Hence it is wise to select the school that caters the education with integrity, value, trust, and proficiency. And, Avinya is among the top of such pre-nursery schools in Bangalore.

As the educational experts say, education lasts long - as long as a lifetime. It is more than learning that matters a lot in the real competitive world. The early experience, the childhood joyfulness, and the cherishing environment that can transform the little minds are the need of the hour. A pre-nursery school that can give them should get a positive nod from the parents.

In the modern era, four major components contribute to the development of a child. It shapes their inner character and skills while nurturing them to walk in the righteous path of life.

The four key components are as below:

  • Philosophy
  • Curriculum and methodology
  • Learning tools offered to the child
  • Teachers who facilitate learning

Our Philosophy:

A child who understands his purpose early tends to do well in life. Having understood this concept, we help them to equip with the right tools and skills. Our mission is to pave the way to their excellence as early as possible. As per the research, neural connectivity and brain development happen between the early stages of 2 to 6 years in children. Hence it is more than necessary to stimulate their younger brain and erase any deficiencies that they may have.

Being one of the best pre-nursery schools in Bangalore, we expose them to a well-structured environment that supports them to absorb the concepts early and in turn, stimulate their brain to be open to new learning. Every child needs individual attention and as a top pre-nursery school in Bangalore, we are proud to state that we cater this attention to perfection.

Curriculum and methodology:

A well-structured learning program is the basis of all education. Being the highest-ranked pre-nursery school in Bangalore, we provide the same for four years. We give preferences to focused activities that help kids to use their whole physique and mind. This, in turn, will help the kids in the early development of their bodies and mind. We encourage the kids to learn and explore the world around them. With our vigilant eyes, we watch as they play with the right materials and tools that they need. Needless to mention, we provided them with every right tool and materials that they need.

At Avinya , every child will find his potential early as we encourage them to be active learners. Our main focus is to teach them how to learn rather than what to learn. We strive hard to implant a learning experience that lasts lifelong. Be it careers or any other goals that they wish to pursue, it is our mission to make them grow a confident adult.

Learning tools offered to the child:

Avinya has every tool and type of equipment that children need to enhance their skills. Be it toys, playthings, models, interactive charts, or flashcards - we have it all. Understanding the need and importance of practical learning, we invest highly in all tools and types of equipment so that children just don’t miss out on anything.

Teachers who facilitate learning:

Teachers play a vital role in the development and transformation of young minds. Hence we recruit with utter care and make sure that every teacher is passionate, well-educated, and more importantly, loves to teach. Further, we train them internally to make sure that all teachers are impartial and unbiased. We are proud to say that our teachers and staff treat every kid as special. Hence all children receive equal importance and attention.

Why enroll your kid in Avinya playschool?

This is the first and foremost question that we receive quite often from parents and guardians. The answer is quite simple. Avinya , in practicality, is not just another pre-school near the children’s home or in Bangalore for that matter. Avinya is another home to all children. At our place, children never feel away from home. Every minute, every hour and every day the children enjoy their time so much that they miss school during the off-hours or on holidays.

It is important to note that every kid loves to mingle and play with other children. Being an extrovert has a great advantage in our society. At Avinya , they will have this opportunity to become an extrovert even in their early stages of life. Apart from early-stage learning, they will spend their most cherishing time at our school with their other playmates. The early interaction between all the children will have an immense effect on their growth.

As mentioned above, being a top-rated pre-nursery school in Bangalore, Avinya has anything and everything that a kid needs to develop their skills quite early. Our school possesses an immense collection of things that kids love to explore and use. Name anything from trendy toys to creative types of equipment that a kid needs - we have it all.


A Pre-school should never be unaffordable to parents. Hence, we keep that aspect in mind and have developed a fee structure that every parent, be it lower or upper-middle class, could easily afford it. Every rupee spent on our Pre-school is more worth than the investment. We simply create such an amazing experience for kids. Along with the affordability, we bring in the element of adaptability as well. Every child believes that they simply belong here. To add, our creative approach towards early education and providing an amazing life experience to all children stand tall in the educational industry.

Playschool activities at Avinya :

We simply believe in three ‘C’s. They are ‘Choice’, ‘Chance’ and ‘Change’. Primarily, every kid gets to choose their playthings and activities as per their wish. Secondly, every child will have their chance to use them or play with them as per their liking. Finally, the activities that we conduct at our school change the life of children for good.

The right age for the pre-nursery school:

As per the expert educationalists, three to six years is the right age for the kids to get enrolled in a pre-nursery school. The earlier they enroll, the better their chance of learning early. At Avinya , we recommend them to join as early as two years since it exposes them to the outer world wherein they get to meet, interact and play with other children.

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