Our Faculty

At Avinya, in spite of all the advanced equipment and teaching tools, the teacher remains the guiding force. Utmost care is taken in the recruitment of the faculty from the best of the talent available. The teachers are not just academically qualified, they also have sensitivity and empathy towards the child, which is again part and parcel of the whole process of learning.

The teacher-student relationship, one of the first ties the child forms outside the family is quite special in its own sense and way. Mutual respect and understanding are the foundation of this bond. To keep the teachers abreast with the latest techniques and methodologies being developed internationally in the field of education, regular programs are conducted to upgrade and update their skill sets. Parent-faculty interaction is encouraged to allow for monitoring and checking of the child's progress in school or to discuss any relevant matter.

Our teachers, support staff, and administration continue to learn - this is the primary objective of our staff training mandate. We continue to train in many areas of education both in-house and through programs conducted by the CBSE, all with the same goal ... to improve student learning.

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