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Summer Camp

May Your child's summer exciting; indoors.

  • Science & Community
  • Fun games & Brain Exercise
  • Theatre & Music
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Technology life skills

Best Summer camp in Bengaluru:

Avinya school conducts the best summer camp in Bengaluru every year during the summer holidays. These camps are tailor-made for the students who want to enjoy their holidays. The indoor summer camp conducted by Avinya international school is exciting, enthralling, and enticing for students.

At our summer camp, we conduct funfilled activities for students on science and community. This not only keeps them engaged but also makes them remember their lessons related to the subject. At Avinya international school camps, we conduct quizzes and competitions so that all children can involve actively. This kind of activity brings in a new kind of energy and enthusiasm in the mind of students. To add, this, in turn, makes them go social and helps to gain immense confidence on or off the stage.

Summer camp activities at Avinya international school:

Apart from quizzes and competitions, we organize fun-filled games for the students. Students need to have their brain exercise going on even in summer holidays, hence we conduct many activities where they have to exercise their brains. Of course, these activities are fun too.

Many students are good at music and acting. At Avinya international school we use this opportunity to provide a rightful platform for the students to participate in singing, dancing, and acting.

Why choose Avinya international school summer camp?

Camps conducted by Avinya international school are not just entertaining, but educating as well. At the camp, we encourage the students to involve in activities that can enhance their technological life skills as well. This can indeed have a positive impact as the students gain a lot of self-confidence after going through this type of activity.

Parents are smart enough to understand this vital aspect and hence time and again, they choose Sarvajnya summer camps for their children. We are proud to say that we are one of the best and most preferred schools for summer camps.

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