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Lower Kindergarten

First Steps is committed to providing an excellent education that meets each student’s interests, abilities, and needs and promotes an appreciation for diversity in our community as an integral part of school life. First Steps challenges each student to develop intellectual independence, creativity, and curiosity, and a sense of responsibility toward others both within the school and in the community at large.

  • Soak up the world of knowledge with incredible speed.
  • Capable of nonstop mental and physical gymnastics.
  • Respond joyfully to dance, creative movement, outdoor play and drama.

Start your loved ones first education with Avinya :

Avinya is one of the best lower kindergarten schools in Bangalore. Children from the age of three-and-a-half years to four years 10 months are eligible for the lower kindergarten school. As parents and caretakers, we should be careful in choosing a lower kindergarten school for their children. The decision that they make simply matters a lot in the development and transformation of the future of their children - both physically and mentally. Every child is unique and possesses a natural gift. It is highly essential to identify, discover and nurture the talents and gifts of every child. Hence schools that can cater to more than education stand tall among others. Avinya , being such a lower kindergarten school in Bangalore is known for its programs and activities that enhance the skills and talents of every child.

The natural talent and gift that every child possesses go in vain if they don’t get proper guidance, support, and encouragement since the beginning of their schooling. A school that can deliver the above three aspects can act as a ladder to every child. Having understood this Sutra clearly, Avinya lower kindergarten school has been providing the same for years.

Let’s make learning pleasurable:

Apart from curriculum and Methodology, Avinya lower Kindergarten School makes learning fun and pleasurable for every child. Every day spent at Avinya brings in a new experience to the kids. Hence it’s no wonder that children at our premises always enjoy being here and crave new experiences all through the time they stay at the school.

As a first step, it is a prerequisite to identify the interest, abilities, and needs of every child. The next step is to promote the same using unique and fun-filled methods. These methods challenge each student and help them in developing intellectual independence, creativity, and curiosity. Since we are a diverse society concerning religion and culture, it becomes our duty to unite every child. Being one of the best kindergarten schools in Bangalore, Avinya nurtures the kids to develop a sense of responsibility towards not just themselves but to one another as well.

Advantage @ Avinya !


Why choose the Avinya lower Kindergarten School?

As per research, many parents are quite eager to admit their children to any lower kindergarten school that they find near their residence. The main reason behind this ignorant act is that they find it quite convenient to pick and drop their kids from the nearby school. Sadly, this doesn’t work as they believe. The nearby schools may not have the facilities, infrastructure, experience, and most importantly a noble cause. Thus parents unknowingly and indirectly discourage the development of their kids from their early stages. This can have a drastic effect on the future of the kids.

A statistic found out that most parents believe that all lower kindergarten schools are the same. But the truth is, it is not so. To add, many parents who are in the upper and lower-middle-class category hesitate to spend too much money on the early education of their kids. Needless to say, they end up destroying the wonderful career of their children. Hence every parent must do a thorough background check on all the lower kindergarten schools nearby. The distance and money should, at large, not be the constraint.

The good thing about Avinya lower kinder garden school is that it has the entire tailor-made facilities that every child needs and a state-of-art infrastructure to go with it. As a bonus, the fees structures at Avinya are quite affordable as well.

Why choose the Avinya lower Kindergarten School?

At Avinya lower kindergarten school, we follow the curriculum that mainly gives importance to the development of the children in all aspects. Be it sports, culture, arts, or music, we have every tool and type of equipment that a child needs.

As one of the top-rated lower kindergarten schools in Bangalore, we don’t hesitate to move away from the old conventional method that in reality doesn’t help any children much. At Avinya , we simply believe in the effective implementation of the curriculum. Be it software modules or training videos, we have it all.

Why enroll your kid in Avinya lower Kindergarten School?

A differentiated outlook on every child’s assessment plays a vital role in their future development. To add, it just complements the curriculum and makes their learning a fulfilled experience. At Avinya lower kindergarten school, we closely record, observe and assess the children to ensure their development activities running all the time.

Parents need constant feedback to make sure that their child is going in the right direction. Understanding the importance of this, Avinya lower kindergarten school provides constructive feedback to every parent regularly. This helps the parents to cope up and support their children to go along with us. Our in-house built algorithms work all through the day and provide us the insights in helping us to understand the progress, interests, and strengths of every child.

We live in a world that is constantly updating every day. The guidance of an expert technical team becomes crucial in updating ourselves to the new competitive world. Be it online or offline class, at Avinya lower kindergarten school we are always ready to deliver it all when it is needed.

An empathetic teacher is the ‘Go to person’:

More than the regularly trained teachers, the children need someone who can understand their needs, feeling, and emotions. At Avinya lower Kindergarten School, we hire and train our teachers in-house to make sure that they have the right passion and high morals. They simply love to share everything with the children, be it stories or rhymes; they sing and dance along with the kids. Children love to interact with empathetic teachers. Be it joy or sorrow, they open up with teachers who show empathy. This very factor helps us to understand the children in every way. At Avinya lower kindergarten school every teacher acts as the ‘Go to person’ and makes life easy for all children.

Hence we request all the parents to choose the lower kindergarten school carefully so that they can help their loved ones to have everything under one roof. Of course, this decision will have a big impact on their future and personal transformation as good civilians.

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